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at the same time as it’s now not the most less expensive airless device available on the market, we think it’s the high-quality fee. It’s rated for a higher annual usage than the X5, it cranks out 15% extra output than the X5, and supports larger tips that help it tackle outside paints and coatings that the X5 can’t deal with.


It’s rated for quarterly use (one hundred twenty five gallons in keeping with 12 months), which usually manner serious DIY customers, or for light contractor/handyman use. We think that even if you’re simply portray a few rooms in the intervening time, it’s better to get a gadget that can live with you for the subsequent remodel rather than having one which’ll burn out in case you try some thing ambitious in addition down the street!


The X7 additionally supports a longer hose period than the X5–up to 100ft! That’s amazing for 2-story rooms, landings, and different locations which can be hard to reach. We think it’s absolutely an all-round better machine, in particular for the reason that it’s cart-established for comfort.


The powerhouse of the X7, and the component that certainly units it aside from the X5, is a five/8 HP conventional motor. It drives a stainless steel piston pump, that's a whole lot better than the diaphragm pump designs used on different, less expensive airless systems.


in which quite a few other airless systems at this charge stall or sputter at the begin of a sprig, the X7’s pump sports activities an vehicle-priming design that constantly starts with easy output. You gained’t ought to mess around or jostle it to get it going, that's more than really worth a chunk of more money.


The pump feeds from a flexible suction tube, that could draw at once from 1-gallon or five-gallon buckets. It’s awesome handy, due to the fact that you may cover plenty of floor without refilling a compartment or paint cup. evaluate that to the weapons above, which could simplest maintain a quart at maximum in step with spray.


The X7 also comes with a hose adapter, which lets in you to hook the device up to a garden hose to flush the innards. It’s an exceedingly convenient way to smooth out your paint sprayer, and it really works very well. All you need is access to a hose!


The business give up of the X7 is simply as good because the pump end. There’s an all-metal gun protected, which is rugged and correct, even if it’s now not pretty the contractor-grade level that you locate on the extra luxurious Graco structures just like the X19.


It supports as much as a .017” tip and springs with a 515 (.1/2”) tip out of the field. That’s precisely in latex territory, and may atomize properly without clogging or sputtering. We mainly like that the tips are reversible, so that you can blast out any clogs you encounter–a extraordinary characteristic when you’re running with latex!

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